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    Happy Birthday, XMPP! 20th Anniversary of 1st Jabber Server

    debacle – Thursday, 3 January - 21:37 edit

XMPP a.k.a. Jabber, a communication protocol for message-oriented middleware is probably the most mature technology for free and federated instant messaging. (IRC is far older, of course.) On 2019-01-04 we can celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first XMPP server release:

Jeremie Miller began working on the Jabber technology in 1998 and released the first version of the jabberd server on January 4, 1999.

In the last twenty years, we have seen protocols and services come and go, but XMPP, an IETF standard, is here to stay. It is backed by an international community of developers, does not depend on a single company, and is enhanced continuously by the XSF. Btw.: XMPP is not only used for chatting, but also for IoT, WebRTC, micro-blogging and social networks!

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PS: ‎Ge0rG‎ pointed to the link to the original announcement on Slashdot. It reads:

Jeremie writes

"Jabber is a new project I recently started to create a complete open-source platform for Instant Messaging with transparent communication to other IM systems(ICQ, AIM, etc). Most of the initial design and protocol work is done, as well as a working server and a few test clients."

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